Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nûby™ Flower Child™ Snack Keeper™

Snack Keeper Colors May Vary

Her first time using her Snack Keeper
She looks rather curious

This little Keeper, is adorable. It reflects that of a little girl. The colors are appealing and eye catching. It will peek your little one's curiosity. My little Mooshka, who's 1, loves her cup. She can grip it with no problem and the silicon flaps make it easy to dive in and grab dry snacks. Occasional, she does make a spill. That is because her eyes are bigger than her little hands. She grabs a glob of her favorite snacks, usually, it's cereal, and tries to put the whole thing into her mouth. 

Cleanup is easy and the great thing about this cup is that the parts are detachable for thorough cleaning. Its also attaches just as easily.

I have not tried to put it into the dishwasher, however, I would do so, but not with the silicon cap. I have not had any issues with fading of the color, nor is the cup becoming brittle or chipped.  The top stays in place. And I must add that I have had this little Keeper for almost a month now. So far, So good! Believe it or not, the silicon top is also durable. There have been no signs of wear and tear.

Baby Jordan enjoying her Snack Keeper!
I think she's got the hang of it now!!

Go Get It!!!

You can purchase the Nûby™ Flower Child™ Snack Keeper™ at the following locations:

Baby Depot at Burlington
TJ Maxx

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