Monday, January 20, 2014

Start Saving While They Are Young!!!

Hello All,

So Friday, I was compelled to take my little girls, (ages 8 and 6 1/2), to Bank of America to open up a savings account; using their own money. My girls have always been great at collecting and saving money. I wanted them to experience something most children their age will not experience. Well, not until they become of age. 

I believe saving is a good thing. I also believe that one can never be too young to be a good steward of money.  Yes, they tithe and offer!!! 

They were beyond excited and so were the bankers.
I wish my parents had done this for me when I was little. No, I do not fault them for not doing so. I am sure they probably never even thought about it. I remember my dad having hundreds of dollars rolled up around the house or his car. Maybe, it made him feel good to always have cash on hand whenever my mom or 2 sisters needed money (Yes, my parents had/have bank accounts). Thinking back, I would have loved to get a large sum of that money and head to the bank. Although, I really don't think I had the mindset back then. Well I do now!!!

My girls have their way of saving money and so do I. I was told this chart had circulated the social media sites last year, but I had never seen it. I am actively participating in this challenge and hope that I can remember to participate for the rest of this year. Currently, I am a SAHM, so my funds are not as it would be if I were working. Nevertheless, whatever I receive; gifts, etc., I am putting it up!!! I have a jar that I keep silver coins (no pennies) in and now it also houses my dollar bills.  

Honestly, this 52 Week Money Challenge, has really kept me from making my regular purchases of Frappes, Coolattas, Muffins, or Cupcakes. I make a conscience decision to not spend and I look forward to saving my money. Besides, I've learned to make them myself. It's cheaper and tastes better.... 

The great thing about doing this challenge is that whether I have the full amount or not, I still put something in my "jar." And on the weeks where I have more dollars to spare, I just add the extra funds to the previous week(s).

This is nothing mediocre!!! It's a challenge and I am totally up for it!!!

A penny saved, is a penny earned.

I am also looking for more ways to maximize their/our money... bonds, investments, etc.

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