Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Everyday Life: Homemade Pizza

So last night I made pizza for the first time (I let the girls help). To my surprise, it was fairly easy and a lot cheaper than ordering pizza. I had all the ingredients in my pantry, with the exception of the pizza dough and mushrooms, which I purchased. Next time I think I will make the dough and tomato sauce from scratch. I will also be more creative (bbq chicken or spinach). Here are my pics. 
Sweet Italian Sausage
Regular Italian Sausage

Bacon, Cherry Tomatoes, Hunts Tomato Sauce, EVOO

My Pizza Dough

Olives, Mushrooms, Green Bell Peppers, Mozzarella Cheese
I added Strawberries (I cut them up and I added sugar to them & put them in the freezer)

Strawberries, Sugar, and Country Time Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade

Publix Salad

The finished product

My Plate...
I also added club soda to my Lemonade
It was really yummy!!!!

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  1. Looks yummy. I wonder is using different kinds of cheese can add to the cheesy-ness? Good way of teaching the little ones about being clean in the kitchen and how recipes come together to make one dish.