Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pray for Homs, Syria

I normally don't watch the news (domestic or international) because it is so tragic to me. But last night I watch Anderson Cooper 360 and this is what I saw:

Homs, Syria

While we slept last night in our lavish, posh homes/beds, Syria was at war. While we play, laughed, ate, and partied, 200 Syrians were killed, many injured, and others ran for their lives. While we complain about our family, those in Syria cried because they lost family.

I say live life to the fullest in the eyes of God. Live as if there is no tomorrow because tomorrow is not promised to you. Lead as many to salvation while you are still in the land of the living. Pray for a heart of love and compassion for the lost. Pray for Israel,Jerusalem, and those that are in authoritative positions (near and far). Be grateful for that which you do have. Remember that if you have received Christ, you've received something far more greater than anything anyone could ever offer you- Eternal Life

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  1. I have watched this madness unfold also. Yes, we need to pray for them.