Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sweepstakes/Contests and Tips!! Part 3

More Tips.....

Set up your computer for auto-fills. This feature allows you to store your information and makes filling out your sweepstakes/contest form fast and easy. 

Start an Excel spreadsheet. You need to keep track of your entries. On the spreadsheet, you should copy and paste the url of the website you are entering, identify the prize(s), and add the expiration date of the sweepstakes/contests. A spreadsheet also helps you keep track of your winnings. Sometimes things can go wrong and sponsors have to be notified. If this happens, you can just refer back to your spreadsheet and notify the sponsors.

Insert additional spreadsheets

Insert headings to identify the url, prize(s), and expiration date

Join Facebook,Twitter, etc. Social sites host a large number of sweepstakes/contests. Some sweepstakes sponsors want you to share the sweepstakes/contest via Facebook or Twitter or they may want to notify you on these social networks.  If it says share your entry, then share via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Blog about it. Don't worry about more people entering. If it's for you to win, you will win.You may also get more entries when you share. So, it behooves you to  JOIN!

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