Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

I have to start this post out by saying "I LOVE MY HUSBAND." We have a perfect marriage. Yep!!! Not by mans standards, but by Christ's standards. He is always full of surprises, but over the past few months, we really haven't had quality "out of the house" time together, so Valentine's Day came right on time. This is how my day went. He first had me take the kids to his parents house for a one night stay. While there he surprised me with this:
Gift Basket from Bath & Body Works
A Lovely Card
Cookie Cake from  Great American Cookie Company
Wow!!! is all I could say. He told me that he had made reservations, but didn't tell me where. Well later that evening, we pulled up to Ruth's Chris Steak House! I had never been there, but really love a fat, juicy steak. The food was great, but the conversation and quality time we spent together was worth a million bucks. It was like we were at the dating stage of our relationship. Gazing at each other and blushing at the same time was priceless. I really enjoyed myself. 

Here are our dinner pics 

I Love My Hubby