Tuesday, January 31, 2012

PartSelect’s $5,000 GE Giveaway Contest

Okay followers, I mentioned in past posts that I enter sweepstakes and contests as a job/hobby. I am entering a contest hosted by PartSelect and it is entitled GE PartSelect’s $5,000 GE Giveaway Contest. We are required to select a topic provided by  PartSelect and post it onto our blog. There were several blogger topics, but I choose the topic“ Tell us about your worst DIY disaster!” In addition, one lucky blogger will receive $5,000 worth of new GE Appliances. I hope to win and surprise my parents with their new GE products.

My Worst DIY Disaster

OMG!!!! This was such a disaster. I tried to redo, renovate, or whatever you call it to one of my parent’s bathrooms. They had striped green and white wallpaper that had been on the walls since they moved into the home in 1996. It took hours to pull and scrape off the wallpaper. So I left some of the wallpaper on the wall. I then tried to paint the walls with wall paper still attached because I got tired of trying to remove it. I added primer then tan paint and repeated the process. You could still see the stripes underneath the paint. Paint was all over me and my clothes, but I did manager to cover the tiled bathroom floor; at least most of the floor. This got to be so bad that I took some fancy off white wallpaper and started placing it on top of the old wallpaper and paint, but that was hard because I didn't have a stool. So I just did the best I could with reaching the higher parts of the wall. The harder part came when it was time to get behind the toilet. Since I couldn’t successfully paint behind the toilet, I took a piece of the fancy wallpaper and stuck it behind the toilet. Needless to say, the wallpaper started coming off (even before I finished the project). Around the top of the shower, I painted a brownish-reddish color to hide the previous (striped green and white) wallpaper that I hadn't pulled off. After struggling for a few more hours, my dad came to help me. He added paint here and there and wallpaper here and there to cover my screw-ups, but it still didn't look professional. We finally finished with a wallpaper and tan and brownish-reddish painted bathroom and change a few accessories so that everything would match. One of the smallest rooms in the house and I screwed it up (I may try it again after I watch more DIY videos). My parents realized that I was in over my head before I even started, but they said they didn't say anything because I was so determined about doing something nice for them. Just thinking about this gives me a headache. If I could just win $5,000 worth of GE appliances, I know they would forget about the whole ordeal and fall in love with their new appliances. 


  1. Well, at least you tried. I would have NEVER even tried to strip a doorknob let alone a complete bathroom.

    1. It was a HOT mess. I'm glad that I at least tried.

  2. I think we need pictures! At least you tried, your heart was in the right place :)

  3. Oh I hate wallpaper with a passion! Give me paint any day. I often why people bother with it if they ever plan to sell their home, wall paper is so hard to remove and a lot of times is just plain ugly!

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