Monday, January 2, 2012

Kiddy Schedules: A MUST!!!!!!

So you and your spouse don't have that quality time you had before having kids. Or maybe you are not getting the me-time before bed. Well here are a few tips that works for me. (I've been doing this since my kids were very small). Depending on the age of your children or child, you may want to up the bedtime. I have a 6yr old and 4yr old and bedtime is at 6:30pm during the school year. I know 6:30pm sounds a little early, but in actuality, they don't fall asleep until 7:00pm.

If you are a homemaker it is easy to prepare meals and have dinner set and ready by 4:00ish. But what if you work full time? What do you do? Fast food!!!!!! No ma'am and no sir! Calm down, this worked for me when I worked full time. Prep meals the night before or use a crock pot (ex. pot roast or whole fryer). Don't be afraid of left overs and pasta dishes are quick and can be prepared in many ways.  Also, another useful tool is to write out your meals for the week. This way you don't have to contemplate what to cook. All you do is look at your menu calendar. Here is my menu calendar, which is useful year round.

Prepare your small children's clothing before hand. Getting clothes ironed and ready for the whole school week is very helpful. But if its too much for you to do, just get them ironed and ready one day prior.

Fix lunches the night before.

Now, during the summer, I am a little more flexible, but I still stick to a schedule. A schedule is a must for young children. Here is my summer schedule for 2011

Assignment Log 2011

I hope this helps.
If you would like me to email you a copy, please feel free to leave a post!


  1. I find it actually easier to have a menu for the month :)

  2. I love your schedules. However, I remember my daughters used to laugh at me when they got older at how early they had to go to bed. With Daylight Savings time, I used that as "OMG! It's bedtime". But I was in college, had a husband, had to do homework, and run a household. SCHEDULES ARE A MUST.
    P.S. My daughters turned out pretty good,too. Thank God!! (So did I!)

    1. Yes... A schedule is a must and you had to do what was best for you and your family. I'm sure your hard-work was received.