Monday, January 2, 2012

What's Wrong With Free?

What's wrong with getting things for free? I mean from movie rentals to sample coffee packs to pampers to feminine products to cleaning items just to name a few. I have been doing this as a hobby for the past few months and you wouldn't believe that items that are available for consumers. The point is that companies want you to try their product(s) and so they offer it to you free of charge. You say, "well I already knew that!" I knew it too, but didn't realize to the extent in which I could receive free (sample)  items. Another reason why it is good to get it free is because it allows to you try the product before actually making a purchase.  I hate it when I make a purchase and find out it isn't a good fit for myself or my family. So I search daily for these products.

The following are sites that I use to obtain sample products or links to sample products:

My Free Product Samples- (Also, on Facebook)
Freebies 2 Deals- (Also on Facebook)
All You-

In addition, you can also go to Facebook (you must have an account) to obtain sample everyday items or to be directed to those websites or companies offering sample items.

Other sample items I've received are as follows:

Infant Milk
Pull Ups
Windex Cleaner
Suede Cleaner/Protectant
Facial Lotion

One last note: is a company that I am a member of and allows to to join campaigns in order to try products and bzzzz about them. So go on over and join. Tell them bzzagent djordan3306 sent you and you can also find them at

Check with companies that have birthday clubs. The month of your birthday you can receive an entree, dessert, or beverages for free. The companies that I use regularly in my area are Dunkin Donuts, Benihana Japanese Restaurant, Zaxby's, IHOP, and Captain D's. But there are others.


  1. Getting things for free? I would love to experience that. Thank you for the tips and websites!

  2. I enjoy pre-trying products before I actually purchase them from the store also. Sampling perfumes and make -up in the privacy of my home is nice, too. Thanks for the links, too