Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Product Review: Lancôme Paris

Okay Folks, this isn't going to be my usual product review. I participated in one of my many surveys a while back and although I didn't qualify, I received this Free product for my participation. I would love to give you the specifics about the survey, but my wonderful husband threw my letter away!!!! I promise that I will do better in the near future. Thanks a lot hubby!!! So my review will consist of how I use this product, the product itself, price, performance, and I will give it an overall rating: 1-5 with 1 being the lowest (never, ever purchase again) and 5 being the highest (will definitely purchase again and recommend to others). Please note: I do not claim to be a make-up artist, but I'm working on it.

 Lancôme Paris
Color Fever Gloss
Paradise Pink
Actual Color
Product:A gloss that drenches lips in captivating color and mega-watt shine that’s downright dazzling. With one gliding stroke, lips look more sensual and voluptuous, thanks to Lancôme’s Vinyl Shine System that keeps color vibrant, and shine luminous and lasting without any sticky or tacky feeling. Moisture-boosting ingredients ensure lips feel soft, smooth and comforted all day.

How I use it: I made sure my lips were clean and clear of any other lips sticks or glosses. I rubbed the gloss on my top and bottom lip twice and meshed my lips together for an even coverage. I then traced my lips with a brown lip liner on and Whallah!!! 

Price: $26.00 visit Lancôme Paris

Performance: It adds a nice soft pink shine to my lips. My lips did not feel heavy or sticky. It was very light and smooth and it added moisture to my lips. It is like a glossy pink. There was little fragrance (I don't like glosses that has a loud fragrance). You may have to re-apply if you eat or have a beverage without a straw. If you lightly kiss or peck someone, a reapplication is not needed. 

Rating: This product gets a 5 because it added shine, moisture, and the color looked nice  on my lips. I also gave it a 5 because it unexpectantly matched my complexion. Although the price is rather expensive, I would not have normally purchased this product. But since I've had the opportunity to try it, I would absolutely purchase this product and other glosses and recommend it as well. 

Thanks Lancôme Paris

Disclaimer: I am not being compensated in anyway for this review.


  1. Great review! I wish I could have won that lip gloss...super cute! =)

    1. Hi Roni, I remembered now. I received my free lip gloss from L'Oreal.