Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things to Remember When Dropping the Kids Off At School

PSA: Ladies and Gents... No Ladies,

Please be conscience of what you look like when dropping off your children tomorrow. I see young mothers in pajama's. Now this is a NO NO! I see young mothers in house shoes. This is also a NO NO! I know you are just running in for a few minutes, but you represent your child. I mean, we as parents tell our kids the represent us when they leave our house, so why shouldn't you follow the same protocol. I am telling you this because I care.
In addition, please don't wear these items to the grocery store, post office, bank, or for any other quick errands. Also, you don't have to scare the staff or the other children, so put on a little lip gloss and run you fingers through your hair.

Thank You,

The Exquisite Mommy


  1. Oh man I see ladies in pjs,that dont even fit them and house shoes at the store..

  2. Yea!!!! Thanks for saying this out loud. This isn't an acceptable attire for ANY WHERE but inside the house.