Monday, January 30, 2012

Make Valentine's Day About Him

So we always want our men to buy us something for the big "Love Day" right? Well I am going to do things just a little different. I know my husband doesn't ask for anything on Valentine's Day, nor does he expect anything. But I have a few small, but sweet surprises for him starting February the 1st and ending February the 14th. This is called my "Exquisite14 Days of Love." I asked my husband what would he like. Needless to say, I had to brainstorm on my own! His answer was a little......Well.. Let me begin!

My Hubby
Day 1: Spend day one planning your " Exquisite14 Days of Love"
Day 2: Make or buy him a coupon book. Allow him to use it when he wants
Day 3: Don't ask or require him to do anything for the entire day
Day 4: When he gets home from work, have something on nice for him
Day 5: Write a homemade love note/letter; something juvenile
Day 6: Send a random text letting him know you were thinking about him
Day 7: Once he is home from work and relaxed, give him a foot massage
Day 8: Bring him lunch or order him lunch and have it delivered
Day 9:  Buy him his favorite video game(s) 
Day 10: Wear something nice for him the entire day (they never get tired of this)
Day 11: Have a "Pamper Daddy" Day with the kids
Day 12: Hide him a gift or keepsake on his car seat before he goes work
Day 13: Take him out to eat and you pay (Restaurants will be packed tomorrow)
Day 14: Cook his favorite meal and serve him, prep his shower, have his night clothes ready and the rest will follow!!!

A Sample Love Note to My Hubby

Ladies, this can be done throughout the year!!!


  1. This is cute. Does it work for old folks, too?
    I'll give it a try and wait for his response. Good ideas!!!

  2. Alright Exquisite Mommy,
    This is day 8. Are you fulfilling your VD's hubby list?